We have a good experience in Lightning enabled visualforce pages, Lightning Components, Lightning Design System, Lightning Process Builder, Lightning Connect, Lightning Community and Lightning Ready Apps on Component Exchange.


Some of Our Important Lightning Experiences & Expertise:

Lightning Enabled Visualforce Pages

While developing visualforce pages for Salesforce1 mobile as well as in lightning experience, we need to take care of usability, minimum loading time, validation for standard fields. We can not used lookup fields, picklist fields with visualforce tags as it renders with classic UI. By considering all these limitations we have built multiple light weight visualforce pages which overrides standard new and edit pages of records, charts and maps on detail page which can be used in Salesforce1 mobile app and in lightning experience.

Lightning Components

The Lightning Component framework is a modern user interface framework for developing dynamic web apps for mobile and desktop devices. We can build highly interactive app with an innovative user interface, single-page applications, widgets for use in Lightning App Builder as well as for Salesforce1.
We have built lightning components for single page application to manage events, Week View calendar for logged in User etc. which can be used in lightning builder.

Lightning Design System

We have used these collection of design patterns, components for creating VF pages for lightning experience as well as lightning components. Following are few benefits to use this system:


  • Consistent User Experience
  • Deliver Apps Fast
  • Open source framework and reusable code base to build apps in record time

Lightning Ready Apps

We help ISVs to build apps natively on Salesforce platform and offer that app through Appexchange / Component Exchange marketplace.
We have built Lightning ready Apps which will work in Lightning Experience and offer a more consistent experience with other Lightning Pages.
We have also used Lightning App Builder to create custom app pages for Salesforce1. With the Lightning App Builder, we have combined various components on a single app home page.

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