Some of Our Important Salesforce Experiences & Expertise as below:

Sales Console Customization

We had created custom console components to be used in the Sales console. Visualforce pages were used in these components for following purposes -


  • Show activities of all users in the Org (Date filters were provided for the same)
  • Show performance dashboard of the organization based on different metrics

Activity Management

We have implemented a system for activity management which includes workflow rules, email templates, approval processes to automate the relevant business processes such as triggering email alerts, submitting for executive approval, etc. We have also created roles, profiles, permission sets and sharing rules to maintain security and organize different access levels.


Record types were built to differentiate the page layouts according to the type of activities. Implementation also included validation rules, advanced formula fields and roll up summary fields for both standard and custom objects.


Email to Case

We have set up a Salesforce Email to Case for a Client.


The Client wanted to allow their customer to communicate regarding cases using email. We have created Email templates to send auto reply to customer on case creation.

Process Builder

Process Builder is one of the most exciting new administrator tools that Salesforce has released in years. It can be used to build different business processes with all workflow actions (with the exception of outbound messages). We have built different process with all possible actions like create records, post on chatter, initiate flow, execute apex classes.

Salesforce to Salesforce

We have set up a salesforce to salesforce share records of three different objects. There was a problem of linking the relationship in the target org for these shared records. Hence we had created an apex class which was able to perform the linking between the records. This class was scheduled on hourly basis and we had used batch apex to overcome the salesforce governor limitations.

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