We offer Appexchange App Development Services that include Planning, Development, Packaging, Security Review Process, Test Drives & Trial Orgs, Appexchange Listing, License Management.


Some of Important Appexchange Apps we built:


An established AppExchange publishing company came to us with a specific challenge – could we create an app that would let Xero users seamlessly see all their Xero Invoices in Salesforce?


After reviewing the architecture of Xero we came back and said yes, it could be done. This presented some challenges, because Xero cannot hold foreign keys from other apps, and does not have any capability to run third-party code. Furthermore, the Xero API is problematic in that it doesn’t allow paging of data, and has itself a low daily API limit.


Despite those challenges, we were able to create an app that worked with both Salesforce and Xero governor limits, and we were able to code the app entirely in Apex, allowing it to be a native Force.com app. The app allows Salesforce users to view near-live invoice data (with syncing every hour) in Salesforce, and apply their own security rules, workflow, and reporting needs to their data. With this, suddenly Xero has become a potential competitor to Financial Force.


If you would like to sync Xero with Salesforce, or sync QuickBooks Online with Salesforce you can learn more about Breadwinner at breadwinnerhq.com

cfMAPP: Local maps and find nearby accounts for inside sales (cfMAPP)

Map app designed for prospecting and selling by phone. User can find nearby accounts,contacts, leads and Opportunities. Designed for many uses for field and inside sales.




  • Geocoding, automatic schedule or on demand
  • Works with standard objects, accounts, leads, opportunities, contacts
  • View standard objects on the map
  • Map multiple pairs: leads and accounts, accounts and opportunities, accounts and contacts, etc.
  • Any business admin user can configure on the fly
  • Or works immediately out of the box with any standard object
  • Google Search, LinkedIn Search
  • “Find Next” button
  • Salesforce1 Mobile

Fitbliss (Fitbliss)

The application is developed to track users’ daily routine data, provide them pictorial representation of their daily workout so that they can track data related to their health. The application provides more simple and easy to use UI which user can handle, enter their data, take challenges and earn badges. The application is very lightweight and can be lightning enabled.

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