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Case Studies

We have deep expertise to design and create portals / force.com sites, communities.
Some of our Important projects are as below:

1. Marketplace like Appexchange

Project Details:
The Application Market is a marketplace for applications, similar to Appexchange. The marketplace will be built on top of the Salesforce Sales Cloud. Application developers (Content Providers) will contribute to the marketplace by uploading files and metadata to the marketplace. We have created public force.com site which includes following functionalities:
  • Developed a Login page where the user can login using his gmail account or also has the option to register. Used Google API to implement this.
  • All the products and their assets related to users where maintained in Amazon. This was implemented using Amazon web services.
  • Implemented session management.
  • We provided functionality to upload files on Amazon

2. Community for Health Domain Client

Project Details:
We have built community for Health Domain Client to provide services for Patients. We had provided functionality to Patients to register or login using either Salesforce credentials or Social SignIn/Signup options(Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter). According to disease and availability of Health Advisors, Health Advisot has been allocated to the Patient. Client are providing group of Services to Patients and Patients can keep track of their module through community account. Patient can provide images of their report to take advise of Health Advisor and contact Care Team Member for any advise.

3. Community for Higher Education Institutions

Project Details:
Salesforce community provides platform for higher education institutions with a single innovative platform to track students from their first semester until graduation and job placement. It manages all aspects of the student recruitment and admissions process and allows students to apply online and submit related application materials. It tracks progress of students and matches students with mentors and resources and monitors the progress of students toward their academic goals. It also allows staff members and students to complain personal/public issues. It also keeps the track of attendance, grades, scholarships, payments, etc.

4. Force.com Site

Project Details:
A site was designed for managing the assets that allows user to login with their credentials and view / search all their assets from related salesforce instance. All session management for user is customized without using standard site sessions.
User can :
  • Search through thousands of asset records.
  • Store recent search histories.
  • Easily navigate through streamlined paginations.
  • Customize visible record fields through field sets and much more.