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Case Studies

We have built some real powerful and complex apps, far beyond the typical customizations done on Salesforce.
Some of Our Important Salesforce Experiences & Expertise:

1. Aircraft Management System

Project Details:
An Aircraft company wanted us to implement features to manage their sales. The sales process includes,
  • Capturing aircraft inquiry via emails and external system.
  • Creating quotes for aircraft Inquiries.
  • Order and Invoice management.
We have:
  • Integrated with External System using web services to fetch flight Inquiries and schedule fetch process for every 5 min using batch apex.
  • Created complex Visual force pages to manage flight details.
  • Created Email Services to accept inquiries via emails from clients.
  • Parsed emails to create inquiries, account, contact and also update Account / Contact details.
  • Created Approval Processes for various stages of Inquiries, quotes and invoice.
  • Created Visualforce Email Templates for inquiry acknowledgment, quote, invoice, etc, to be sent to client.
  • Time based workflow rules for sending reminders for quote and invoice.
  • Displayed Airports within a specific radius on Google Map.
  • Exposed Apex classes as REST API to integrate with IOS and Andriod Mobile App.

2. World Wide Kids

Project Details:
The goal of World Wide Kids Company is to aid the hospitality and leisure industry in providing the highest levels of childcare for children. The aim of the project was to make sure goal of the company is reached. Specific requirement of the project was to improve existing system to add some more features to admin and make the booking system mobile responsive. Along with these objectives, data handling of the Salesforce org was improved to use it efficiently and deployment with proper Salesforce standards.

3. Teacher Portal

Project Details:
A Teacher Portal is a Force.com site implemented as a portal for recording and managing the teacher’s data associated with Students, Classes, and their Schedules. Teachers can perform following tasks from the portal.
  • Edit their contact information.
  • Apply for unavailability from the portal.
  • Check their scheduled classes and create PED entries (Professional Education Data) for each class.
  • Maintain the records for students score related to individual tests.
  • Mark and keep the track of student’s daily attendance with a reason for absence/late arrival.
  • Log feedback or complaints to their manager.

4. Quiz Builder

Project Details:
The organization had needed a system for students and teachers where they can create tests for students, solve, review and grade them. So, we designed different complex visual force pages for creating dynamic form by dragging and dropping input components, shown visualforce pages as a pop up, done the pagination, reviewed the tests using different image indicators.


Project Details:
We have done many Customizations for ICEF Salesforce process like:
  • Generated dynamic visualforce pages.
  • Written many apex triggers and classes (custom code).
  • Fetch Exchange Rates periodically from Trustable source.
  • Quote Sync.
  • Invoice Amendments.
  • Google Map Integration.