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Case Studies

We understand your business requirements and deliver high-quality technical solutions that empower your Marketing teams to utilize the Marketing Cloud automation platform
Some of our Important projects are as below:

1. Kids Toy Shopee

Project Details:
The client was into the B2C retail business of kids’ toys. It needed an email campaign to engage the customers and increase sales.
Our Solution:
  • We executed email campaigns for 2 of its products. When a visitor adds any of the items to the shopping cart but does not buy it, an email is sent with a reminder for the same.
  • The primary purpose was to keep engaging the customer in the product they were already interested in and aimed for at least 10% of their returning customers to complete their cart.

2. Vehicle Insurance Company

Project Details:
The client was a vehicle insurance company that was required to differentiate its leads and campaign members to target them accordingly.
Our Solution:
Setup the member segmentation to:
  • Filter and nurture the appropriate leads
  • Find out the next target customers
  • Filter the contacts for retargeting
  • Exclude unwanted contacts, etc

3. Multibrand E-commerce

Project Details:
The client was an ecommerce Company running a free delivery offer for a few days. They wanted to set up an SMS Campaign to notify the end of the offer.
Our Solution:
  • Set up an SMS campaign to convey to its customers about the end of their free delivery offer ( ending at Mid of the next day) because of the festive season lined up after that.