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Our Team Of Avengers

Few words from our CEO -

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Abhishek Agrawal
Abhishek Agarwal

Some Words About Dreamwares

Dreamwares specializes in building cloud based enterprise applications, particularly on Force.com platform. We are preferred partner of many Salesforce partners and carry out all their development activities like Salesforce customization, Force.com apps, Force.com sites, Customer Portal, Salesforce Integration, Chatter, Apex, Visualforce etc. We have associates spread across US, UK, Australia, Russia and Middle East. We’re rapidly getting a hold on development on Salesforce platform, resolving client’s requirements, and opening new frontiers to explore.

Our Team of 100+ Certified Developers

Vidula Emmanuel
10+ Years Experience
160+ Projects completed
Ajit Jadhav
10+ Years Experience
145+ Projects completed
Mahesh Gangode
9+ Years Experience
125+ Projects completed
Pritam Narkhede
7+ Years Experience
105+ Projects completed
Gaurav Patil
7+ Years Experience
95+ Projects completed