Bank Management System

XYZ bank having many branches offers financial services like deposits, loans, investments and insurance to million customers. They were continues to be challenged by increasing regulatory pressures, low margins and aging banking platforms. They have many visitors everyday. They wanted to manage visitor’s activities in a proper manner.




Prior to using Dreamwares, XYZ systems did not communicate with each other. Manual transfers of data were performed multiple times per day to keep the business running, but it was prone to error, and oftentimes had the company operating several hours behind real time. Their previous ecommerce system were only allowing to perform 50 orders at a time.




We implemented a new customer engagement solution. On top of Microsoft Dynamics, it enabled the bank to engage with customers across multiple channels, provides a single, consistent sales process across the enterprise, and enabled targeted marketing to existing customers.


Everyday bank has customers visiting for various services. Bankers/ representatives are to be assigned to these customers to address their requirements. We accomplished this by PowerApps. We stored customer information when someone visits bank, so this way representative can see his / her info at a glance. Based on their requirement, appropriate banker assigned to the visitor and both would be informed with appointment schedule and details. Visitor would receive SMS as well about the timing and reminder. We also implemented a new solution to modernize its loan-origination system. Our new solution reduced a 5-days loan origination process to one hour, which increased revenue and improved customer satisfaction.


Now they have the more efficient order fulfillment process in place that provides its customers with faster shipping and more timely notifications of their order status.


Customers receive an improved experience due to a new user interface and mobile optimization, allowing user-friendly catalog navigation, checkout and order placement.



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